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Solar PiezoClean solves A Major challenge in solar energy projects which is dust collection on top of solar panels (soiling) which reduces the efficiency and revenues of Solar Panels by 20%-40%. The need for cleaning added many operational costs such as labor costs, lost revenues, and need for water resources in location were water is already missing and valuable.

Piezo will make solar panels self cleaned by installing a transparent Piezoelectric film on top of solar PV panel, and whenever the dust sensor at the solar farm senses dust collection, it sends a signal to the main controller in which it trigger the Piezofilm with the needed frequency and pitch that makes it vibrate and taking all the dust off the panels using gravity. Piezofilm: by its nature, when stress is applied on it, it will generate electricity, while in our case the opposite concept is used where it is used as an actuator where the required waveform is transmitted to vibrate the Piezofilm and clean the panels. To sum up, Solar PiezoClean will keep solar panels clean, maintain efficiency, and eliminate water usage.
Cleaning of Solar PiezoClean aims to generate more energy, eliminate the usage of water in cleaning the Solar panels, and get the payback in less time than before. By achieving these goals we will be able to get more energy from the solar panels, use this water in many other beneficial ways in the Arab world in certain and worldwide in general, and build more solar farms with the money paid back from the cleaning process.
These objectives will lead to a clean environment that the global needs, eliminate negative environmental impacts through significant water consuming.


The idea is innovative as it will make solar panels self-cleaned without using water, which make the solar panels generate more energy and hence makes such projects more economically feasible, and at the same time eliminate water usage from the cleaning process. Solar PiezoClean gathers all the strengths of these solutions and at the same time solves their challenges.
Solar PiezoClean is:
1. Compatible with new or existing PV systems
2. Also compatible with both fixed axis and tracking PV systems.
3. Simple to install
4. Light weight as not complications of additional weight on the structure.
5. Self-cleaning: automated system as no operational labor cost is needed. (Reduce expenses and increase economic feasibility).
6. Waterless: eliminate water usage and loss in the locations where water is already missing and valuable.
7. Day Cleaning: this is the only technology that can clean the panels at day time without causing any shading and production loss.
8. Fast: Also it is the only solution that can be triggered to clean all solar panels simultaneously

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