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Solar Power Projects are growing rapidly every year reaching annual investments that exceeds the 200 billion dollars globally. A big part of these investments are located in sunny locations that are at the same time dusty locations. Dust collection on top of solar panels can reduce the financial revenues between 20%-40%, and the existing cleaning methods are time consuming, high labor cost and consumes huge amounts of water in regions that are already suffering from water scarcity.

Solar PiezoClean solved these challenges by developing a US provisional patented technology to make solar panels self-cleaning without using water, that will increase the revenues of solar projects and save water. The idea was developed by a professional team with different backgrounds, a Professor specialized in Piezoelectric material (needed for our technology) working in Argonne National Laboratories in USA, Maher Maymoun the founder who holds a master degree in Energy Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago with wide technical experience in Solar Projects, in addition to a Co-founder Tala Nassraween who is a developer specialized in Business Development, and Management, who was selected by her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan to be one of the top 10 women Entrepreneurs in 2016.

The impact of Solar PiezoClean technology, will be huge on Economics and Environment, as it will generate more clean energy from solar power plants as clean panels produces more electricity and hence better economic feasibility for Investors and Solar power plant owners. Also Solar PiezoClean is Eco-friendly as it will eliminate the use of water for cleaning the solar panels, and will save this water to be used for other essential purposes to citizens living in those locations who suffer from water scarcity.

We are developing several cleaning technologies for solar panels located in dusty locations. Solar PiezoClean main technology under development is a waterless self-cleaning technology based on Piezoelectric transparent film that is installed on top of solar panels, and once activated this film vibrates taking all the dust off.


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Eco friendly way
Business Model

Our business model is to partner with Solar Panel Manufacturers by licensing our technology to them in order to be able to integrate our technology within the manufacturing of Solar Panels. By doing so they will be the first to manufacture self cleaning Solar panels.

In addition to our Consultancy services revenues, where we will study the location of the Solar panel farms and find the best cleaning technology for them according to many factors such as (location, size of the farm ,humidity, weather forecast , Frequency of Cleaning … etc ).

Our Values

We have two additional outstanding values:

  1. We believe in Gender Equality and we will do our best to hire 50% Men and 50% women in our project.
  2. Even if we are a startup we have a Community Social Responsibility, so during the project we will continue what are we doing now which is Innovation and Motivation Seminars to Students.

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